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S.G.A. Società Gomma Antivibrante srl was founded in 1986 by Luigi Osti, a well known and highly regarded engineer of the tram and train sector, and by the industrial expert Vittorio Meli, both coming from Pirelli S.p.A. (railway sector), based in via Ripamonti (Milan). 

The first production plant occupied an area of 600 square metres, while today, the company occupies an area of 7.000 square meters, 4.000 of which are covered. The company directly employs 28 people. We work very well with small and medium sized engineering workshops for which we are the main client. 

The small or serious economic crises of the last few years have been overcome by working hard and with confidence. The most important thing to us is to produce good, long lasting and efficient anti-vibration articles; we feel deeply responsible for the fact that our products are mounted on trains and subway trains that transport your children and our children.

S.G.A. Società Gomma Antivibrante

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S.G.A. Società Gomma Antivibrante

The range of products is very wide, the applications are multiple and diverse; the company, which has concentrated its production mainly on the rail and tram sector, sells its products also to the naval sector, and its articles are used on special vehicles and industrial machines, …

The company’s major asset is its versatility; we are able to carry out small quantity-orders as well as orders of thousands of articles. All this is possible thanks to both the high number of molding-vulcanization hydraulic presses (22 at present), and our range of moulds (we can produce up to 1.700 different articles). 

All the production phases, except for the machining of metallic components, are carried out and checked inside the company. The Engineering Department can design and develop the anti-vibration component required by the client in terms of its radialaxialtorsional and conical behaviours.


The company numbers among its clients the major international and national rail builders (AlstomAnsaldobredaBombardier), national and regional Italian and European railways, as well as the maintenance workshops connected to them.”During the years, the company has progressively increased its foreign turnover, both inside EEC and oustide EEC. In a more and more global world, we need to go where the market demands are.

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